Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spinning Fast

This is for my son. He had one of those great lines this morning and I told him I'd spin it into a blog entry.

"You get very dizzy because the world is spinning very fast." -Miles Lee-Rogers

I have been dizzy, lately. Absorbing how to do this new stuff, tools to communicate faster, maybe simpler, but new, more, connected. Each day I'm learning basic stuff about how to connect with others through Facebook, Blip, Google tube...

I had a meeting with my web guy on the Bode project and he said how kids should be your testers. How easy is it to get stuff from your site. But adults should be asking the same question. How do we allow others to connect with us?

We had half a million hits on our Bode Miller Flying Downhill ( site. But how many come back? How many return to do more than satisfy a random curiosity? In re-doing the site, in re-releasing the film in Europe, that's what we want to be ready for. One of our clips was put onto YouTube by someone else. We let it fly, let it stay there and before it came down 50,000 people had seen it. We need to find a way to talk to those people. As the world spins we've got to find a way to deepen our connection. Understanding is the way I get less dizzy.

But the world keeps on spinning and we've got to keep learning. Thanks, Miles, for letting me know why I get dizzy.

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