Monday, October 19, 2009

NH Film Festival

Had a great time at the NH Film Festival. I only wish I could have seen more/ been there more. I guess having the Music Hall a block from my office was just too much. Allowed me to duck out of a screening and then finish an edit. Just glad I can't yet edit on my iphone.

One of the fine things about a festival is the community of makers. Great to see Ron Wyman and George Kachadorian and hear them talk about social responsibility and film. It's the ol' cause thing. In their panel discussion I would have liked to add to the notion that came out about conversation that cause oriented work is about relationship. As a filmmaker we need to be embedded in the world we inhabit. Little video cameras have given us the opportunity to bring the camera into those worlds. Like in Food Inc where a small clandestine camera caught horrendous conditions in the food processing world. Like in George and Courtney Bent's documentary Shooting Beauty where small video cameras are mounted to a wheelchair to go along for the ride. Along as we are given a tale of freedom on the dangerous streets of Boston.

Any of us can get an inexpensive camera and record. That's a start. But it's the relationship that camera forms through its human handling. It's the relationship that the camera forms with the community it enters. With the people surrounding it. It's a 3-dimensional world.