Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Break

The holiday break began a touch prematurely when I got the flu on Tuesday and spent Wednesday on the couch, less potato than wet rag. I did get out of the last minute shopping spree that is my typical practice.

But today it's back to work and the job at hand is a re-release of our Bode Miller film, Flying Downhill. We're focused on a version for Europe and looking to integrate those things we've been talking about for years. We opted for self-distrubution and though we had offers I'm sure that we would have made even less had we accpeted the offers we received.

Beacause building sales is all about esablishing contact with your customers and there is a direct way to do that with the web. The issue is, of course, getting the expertise to present yourself well and to keep the follow-through that let's your audeince know who and what you are and what you've got.

I've always been a creator and not a marketer which takes other ideas and audiences and plugs them together. But I, like so many other film and media makers, are realizing the creativity available directly on the web.

But its like learning to be a filmmaker – at least how I learned – which is by putting images and sounds together and learning from others. Takes time, process of creation, results, relearning, creation.

This very blog is a way to train and learn by experience. And for me the adventure is getting feedback, learning how to promote sites, learning how to make sites more compelling.

For our new Flying Downhill site we'll be using more short clips on YouTube. We invite you to comment on the clips, send them to friends, post them wherever appropriate.

The good news is this can be done on the couch, or in the office, or like today, at my office at home. And at the heart of this work is the heart of our work: being alive today and responding to what we see and hear, reflecting it back to one another in a fresh and honest way. It's about us – all of us – and how we go through our world together.

December 26, 2008

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