Friday, June 25, 2010

Joe Rogers Award 2010

Last night was the Work, Inc. Awards Night. It's an evening to honor the work they do serving people with disabilities. Their name expresses how work is transformative. I remember so clearly when I got my first job – in a restaurant. I remember so many of the other jobs, too: teaching at University of New Hampshire, being hired to write a screenplay for a bona-fide Hollywood organization; getting to make a documentary on America's first institution (I hired myself and then got a job in the form of funding from ITVS, WGBH and others).

It's both doing the work AND getting paid for it. Payment is for value received and there's nothing like that to reinforce the satisfaction on a job well-done.

I remember my Uncle Joe getting his paycheck and looking at it line by line; the hours, the withdrawals and the net. Oh, the net!

Sadly the paycheck might not go as long as needed. The film project lasts two years and the pay is for one. But then we are ready for the next thrill of endorsement in the form of value for services rendered. All over again. For in that paycheck is freedom and independence. Learned that from Joe Rogers, from my own experience and see it reinforced at Work, Inc.

Last night my family – the Rogers' Family – offered the 4th Joe Rogers Award for Independence. It went to Chuck Johnson. Here he is.

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