Friday, June 12, 2009

What a night! What a week! What a life!

As I get ready for the 48-hour film project beginning today I’m just getting over a previous 48-hour film project.

Last night was Awards Night – the Annual Celebration & Fundraiser for Work, Inc. a non-profit service provider in Massachusetts that supports people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. One of the evening’s awards is the Joe Rogers award for independence in honor of my uncle and dedicated to his determined spirit. The award is presented by Joe’s family and my dad, Mark Rogers, performed the honor of presenting the awards to Michael Greene and Dennis Machado. As part of the celebration we have, each year, created video profiles of all the nominees and winners.

We had another profile this year: the 2009 Work Inc. Consumer of the Year. Maura Sullivan is inspiring in her quest to connect with others and her leadership in helping others with disability to similarly connect. There is still a bit of last night’s dinner on this monitor – don’t want to admit working till the last minute, but it does seem forensics might ID remnants of the roast beef served up. We were glad to provide this profile of Maura Sullivan – done with time to enjoy desert.

Thanks to Jim Casetta, CEO of Work Inc. and Jim Cawley, development director, and President of the Boston City Council, Maureen Feeney, who was nothing short of inspiring in her position of MC for the evening event. And to Joe Rogers for leading the way; David & Terry Rogers, Mark & Susan Rogers, Barbara Rogers and in memory of Leonard Rogers.

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