Thursday, March 12, 2009

NESEA Building Energy Conference

Was at the NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) with Now or Never. We were (are) generously hosted by Boston Chapter of NESEA, BASEA if you're a fan of acronyms. It's aka Boston Area Solar Energy Association and they attract a good amount of querries. I know because I needed to let folks know that we were interlopers, not the real solar deal. We were just the press looking for stories of why folks had come to the conference.

We were LIVE streaming at NESEA and will be today:

We met some fascinating people: an energy auditor in Maine, driven by high energy prices; an alternative energy service company; a number of folks in the wind business; and the president of a college. The College President, Mr. Theodore Landsmark, took the opportunity of our live feed to sign a resolution of commitment on climate change at the school he leads, The Boston Architectural College.

There's great energy at the Buiding Energy Conference and we'll find more of it today.

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