Saturday, October 18, 2008

Presenting at NHFF

Heading into Portmsouth to work with a small group of students who are part of the NH Film Fest's media workshop. I'll bring my newest tool: a Canon Powershot A530 digital still camera that I'm using to shoot video. I fits in my pocket, stores to flash drive, downloads via USB to computer AND looks pretty damn good.

One thing I like is the slow frame rate (10fps). This works well for web video, which is often stuttery regardless. And also the fact that the digital still backdrop is a series of still frames. That's what film is. TV is (has been) 30 frames per second, each of which is broken into 1/2 frames (or fieldes). These subframes are stitched together via INTERLACING. But digital stills are full frames, ande so, when shown in succession they have much more the feel of film.

But back to the other good thing about this little camera. The video image size is 640x480, good enough for web video. I shoot. I plug the camera into a computer (I use a powerbook so iphoto automatically downloads the video), I translate (export) the movie onto my media harddrive, I import the clip into an edit program, edit, export, post and review.

So time to go do that.

Oh, yeah. One other little issue. Have something to say and say it, show it, do it.

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